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Client: Creative Kids Education Foundation and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Several Flash interactive games were developed for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s Family Concerts. They featured music from upcoming concerts, facts about the compositions and the composers, and fun innovative activities related to classical music.

Listen to music with youthful abandon at

LACMA Legacy of Genghis Khan

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LACMA Legacy of Genghis Khan


Client: LA County Museum of Art

Picked as Yahoo! Site of the Day in April 2003!

This exhibition module highlighted 28 works of art from The Legacy of Genghis Khan museum exhibition presented by LACMA’s Islamic Art Department. Each object was presented with didactic text and close-ups of object details, illustrating themes, patterns, and workmanship. Eight objects were selected for special presentations in FlashMX format; the visitor clicks on a highlighted number to access didactic text and close-ups in narrative order. Site includes a downloadable PDF curriculum for teachers.

General Genghis Khan commands your presence. Come study Islamic Art.
some pages require Flash plug-in]

Visions of Enlightenment: Buddhist Art

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Visions of Enlightenment


Client: Pacific Asia Museum

(American Association of Museums)
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Design and development of base-Flash module with HTML resource pages.  Site highlights 27 example objects from a recent Buddhist Art exhibit taken from the museum’s collection. Each object has larger versions of object, rollover details, text essays, and teacher resources. Included for delivery are a Flash-driven timeline/world map, PDFs of K-12 curriculum materials, an extensive contextual glossary, a Flash “Fact or Fiction” guessing game with feedback and rewards, a community forum, and four Flash photo essays by local photographers.