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CSU Fresno Biomedical Physics Program

May 4, 2004 Comments Off on CSU Fresno Biomedical Physics Program

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Biomedical Physics Program


Client: CSU Fresno

The Biomedical Physics Department at California State University Fresno asked for a departmental site that explored the potential of medical professions impact upon humankind, in an imaginative narrative fashion on the homepage, and in new and fascinating animations, slideshows, and videos throughout the site.

Travel through the inside of a brain at fresnostate.edu/MedicalPhysics/

Sandra Lee SemiHomemade

May 4, 2004 Comments Off on Sandra Lee SemiHomemade

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Sandra Lee SemiHomemade


Client: Sandra Lee

In conjunction with Lentini Design, design and development of cooking/entertaining advice site for Food Network star and Lifestylist Sandra Lee. Site includes protected membership area, subscription form, and HTML email announcements. Supervised development group that implemented subscription database. Includes Semi-Homemade web magazine, updated with new issues and articles, built and organized with a consistent infrastructure for easy templatizing; well-documented, easily maintained and archived.

UCLA Main Gateway

May 4, 2004 Comments Off on UCLA Main Gateway

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UCLA Main Gateway


Client: UCLA

Built templated pages for UCLA’s main entry site and Spotlight Archive, with heavy emphasis on Server Side Includes for ease of maintenance. Designed custom header graphics, designed and scripted embedded Flash components such as custom EventsScroller and Flash “Spotlight Teaser” on front page. Assisted with integration of RealMedia, Flash, and audio multimedia solutions.